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SwimFit at Gatton is now Lockyer Valley Pools. Find out more here

Welcome to the Lockyer Valley Sports and Aquatic e-newsletter!

A warm welcome to the very first edition of the Lockyer Valley Sports and Aquatic e-newsletter!

On Sunday 1st of October BlueFit commenced management of the Lockyer Valley Sports and Aquatic Centre. Our team is thrilled to welcome the community of Gatton to the BlueFit umbrella!

It has been wonderful to meet so many members and learn to swim families, along with our latest additions to the BlueFit family (our local teams). We are very appreciative of the local support and understanding that we have received throughout the transition period.

It has been wonderful to meet so many members and learn to swim families, along with our latest additions to the BlueFit family (the local team).

About the e-newsletters:

Our e-newsletters are designed to help keep our families, students and members informed and up to date with any key changes, they are also a great tool to help support student learning. 

Future editions will include articles on facility updates, programs on offer, community activities, useful guides, employment opportunities and so much more! 

Some editions will include articles on swimming tips, level breakdowns, useful guides and key updates.

Our team has created a list of FAQs in anticipation for any questions you may have.

Want to know more about BlueFit? Click here.

BlueFit is a leisure facility management specialist, which operates approximately 40 facilities across Australia. BlueFit promotes a family culture and commitment towards its motto of ‘Inspiring Community Activity’. Website:

BlueFit anticipates almost total retention of the existing staff, so you will be seeing the same faces at the facility upon transition. 

It will be ‘business as usual’ for programs and services, which will continue to be operated by Swim Fit until close of business on Saturday 30th September.

Apart from new uniforms and signage, members and users will not see any discernible change on the 1st of October. All existing programs and timetables will remain in place initially, and any ‘Swim Fit owned’ programs will be replaced with similar BlueFit programs.

Over time BlueFit may implement enhancements to the current offer, and this would be communicated directly with members and users.

Existing fees and charges will remain the same in the first instance. They may increase on an annual basis by CPI and in consultation with Council. You will receive 14 days’ notice in advance of any increase.

BlueFit will be contacting all existing user groups directly, again with the expectation of ‘business as usual’.

Yes, memberships will continue as normal with the first fortnightly debit on Friday 6th of October. Your access remains active continuously through this transition. Any visits remaining on Visit Passes will be honoured. If you need to update your account details, or have any questions about direct debits or visit passes please see the team at reception from the 1st of October.

Any visit passes purchased after 1st October will have an expiry of 12 months rather than the current 3 month expiry period.

From Sunday 1st October, information can be found here. In the interim please visit for updates and further FAQs.

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